Selling Multiple domains for sale


Aug 18, 2019
Basic fire sale...
I am not claiming any revenue as it has been sporadic over the years.
But there are some very notable domains with decent traffic and lots of potential for a motivated individual.
Please have a serious offer and ready to move. While I have lost interest in development and running sites I also am not "giving them away".

All sites are on CloudFlare
Will provide CF statistics on request. (Expires April 14, 2022)
WordPress site for MMA (Expires August 22, 2023)
Was a concept/proposed business that was never followed through with WordPress site (Expires June 13, 2022)
Static page
Just found it humorous (Expires May 27, 2022)
My original domain. References back to the old BBS days and a multi lined WorldGroup System.
Static Page (Expires July 15, 2022)
Adult Content WordPress site (Expires August 23, 2022)
WordPress site (Expires August 29 ,2022) (Expires 29, 2022) (Expires August 29, 2022)
WordPress site for Teen Gothic. Not sure how I ended up with this one...