Moms Who Think - August 1, 2006


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Jan 1, 2004
The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. Moms Who Think is a growing website with women from ages 25-44 and from all over the world, with a focus on debating issues ranging from current events to child rearing practices. This is a community of women who want to be informed and heard, with vBulletin software to provide the venue for their thoughts.

Moms Who Think was founded May 6, 2000 as an independent women's forum. A forum for women to debate issues without being required to do so in the context of a solely supportive environment. The idea was to encourage open and honest discourse regarding the many issues women face in their lives.

Hot topics are found in the “General Debates and Opinions” forum. Debates on subjects in the news, issues affecting communities, and personal opinions on a wide variety of topics take place here. Other very popular debate forums include Religion Discussions and Child Rearing Issues. Both cover subjects that are very personal to most individuals. In the course of debate, posters defend some of their most deeply held personal beliefs while learning about others. Informative and enlightening discussions take place on a daily basis, and once embroiled in a debate it can be hard to tear yourself away!

With close to 2,000 current members, the admin, Judy Schumer, has her regrets. “There is a lesson in that number. Never prune your memberlist! When I bought the site five years ago, I "weeded through" inactive members. I continued to do it up until last summer. I thought it was the efficient thing to do. It wasn't, it created more work for the members by causing them to have to reregister. It also made it harder from a management standpoint, not knowing who was actually a new member or a new "old" member.”

“The most difficult part of the job has been learning all aspects of the tech side of MomsWhoThink, from board software to content management. While frustrating at times, when a program works or a design is implemented that makes the site run more smoothly it is an achievement I'm proud of. Many, many hours have been spent learning a skill I knew nothing about last year.”

Moms Who Think has an administration team that oversees the board daily to ensure things run smoothly. The staff attempts to moderate the forums with balance. “A debate site can be tricky to manage, over moderating is never appreciated and under moderating can turn a site into a free-for-all. We work extremely well together, and with the help of super-moderators, moderators and an amazing community that has high standards for itself the board is low maintenance most days.”

Appreciating the help of her webhost, Judy volunteered, “Our web host, NCSoftware, has also contributed invaluably throughout the past year. Beyond basic server functions, NCSoftware has provided us with the tools and knowledge we need to grow larger and manage the site in a much more organized manner.”

Judy easily admits the website is a team effort between the members, the moderators the administrators, the owners and the web host.

Revenue is generated mostly through Google adsense and further experimenting with other avenues is underway.

Judy as a degree in Business Management and has been involved in business either in retail or by working for herself She is the mother of three fantastic kids. “My oldest son is 19 and is working on a degree in Criminal Justice. My daughter is 16, she is an aspiring teacher. My youngest, a boy, recently turned 8 and is busy de-stressing for the summer from the rigors of second grade.”

“My hands down favorite thing about being an admin at Moms Who Think is the interaction with members. I've learned more, I've laughed more, I've been amazed at the compassion, and shocked at the bluntness....but each day is amazing to watch unfold. Logging in is like walking into a town filled with smart, hip, funny, caring women and knowing that you are "home". It's a great feeling.”

Kudos to Moms Who Think for their successful community.


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Feb 20, 2006
Kathy this is such an awesome sounding site...and talk about coincidence...yesterday I just finished reading Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and now...I just read this topic.
See? I'm interpreting it as brave destiny for your new project.

Good luck!



p.s. lol, I dont normally read that books like that, but this was a course on utopias ^^
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Dec 18, 2009
Is this a community at this point? I clicked the link & all I see are articles & ads :(


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May 4, 2007
Hyster Sisters is a different forum. It appears that the Moms Who Think forums have indeed been shut down.