moderation tools


Oct 30, 2018
Hey, are you using any additional moderation tools that can be helpful in detecting infractions easily? I was trying to find chrome extension that allows to use regular expressions for changing html code (only on browser-side) but I have not found any. I have extension that marks in red colour recently created topics, I also have extension that can mark any words that are possibly connected with rules violations. It would be very helpful if I could mark on my browser's side, which topics are likely to be against rules in the future, and which topics are rather calm and does not needed to be watched, same in case of users (some reputation system where I could mark which user is always posting in compliance with rules, and which user needs to be checked more often). Anyone got idea for chrome extensions that could support this purpose? I am asking because board that I moderate is relatively large, and it is impossible to watch every post, so that I would prefer to concentrate on places where violations may occur more likely. I really regret that I lost possibility of entering with my old account here, where I had big board access (I am getting redirect loop regardless of browser/computer that I use), probably there would be better place to ask for it.