Moderating first x posts


Dec 9, 2017
We've had an influx of spam recently with some pretty credible sounding usernames posting about healthy living stuff, potions and the like.
Anyway, I took some action and reset the permissions so that all new members with a post count of three or less would have their first three posts moderated. This didn't go down too well with some members who had already registered but never posted.
A couple complained and couldn't grasp the raison d'etre behind it, so I moved them up to the approved group with full rights, which didn't seem to appease them very much either.
In the end I changed the permissions to admin registration approval, rather than email verification.
The WoltLab software however appears to be affected by Germany's privacy laws, since finding a user's IP is not the easiest of tasks (always visible to me in the old SMF forum) and I had to install User IP Log to get around this.
Luckily the spam has dropped off considerably, especially since I added them all to the black list and deleted their accounts.