Moderating Calamities


Sep 26, 2006
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Moderating Calamities

Moderating Calamities

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. This is not always the case when filling the position as a moderator. Most situations when you will have to act will not require you to exercise complete control in order to bring things to peace, others will require a lot more concentration, and are not so easy to handle.

No matter how much experience you have had as a moderator, you will always find yourself within a position which is quite difficult to get out of. There are times when your experience will need to shine above your skills. The key to this, is building up your playing cards as a moderator.

You will no doubt, learn new techniques that you can exercise as a moderator throughout your time controlling boards. Remember these. These can be simple things as, how to talk to a confused member and other relevant things.

One of the biggest mistakes of a new moderator is that he/she will overact to most situations. You must learn this from the start. Being too strict at the wrong time is a bad mistake. However, being not strict enough is an even worse mistake.

The other large mistake is not being consistent. If you warn a user over this, but not another user over the same thing, users WILL notice and they will point it out. It is quite embarrassing (and even daunting) at first when you start to make these mistakes. Learn from the start. This applies to EVERYONE. You should have no personal connection to anyone when you must exercise your authority.

Moderating is NOT policing the boards. You are there to keep them under control to the best of your ability. You do not have to be the mean and nasty moderator. You should be the cool, calm and collected moderator, who knows what they are doing.

Once things get out of hand, it is not an easy task getting them under control. Remember, you are the moderator; you have the power of what happens in your board. You do not want your board to be out of control and cluttered. You are responsible for what happens. It is unlikely you are the only one assigned to a board. Moderating is a team sport, it is difficult to exercise by yourself.

When you find yourself in a difficult position, it is very easy to make a mistake. Firstly you should...

  • Who is involved?

Work out who is involved in this situation. Other users which have done nothing wrong do not need to be dealt with. I find it is best to write them down somewhere. Next......

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Jul 6, 2006
Excellent article. Thank you for taking the time to write about this in such a clear manner.



Jul 20, 2006
Excellent article, simple, clear and complete, do you mind if I copy it to my moderators?? :)