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May 3, 2015
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Mantra Gaming


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Forum (Information Technology and Gaming)

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MantraGaming is a Forum that uses vBulletin 5,one of the latest forum software made by vBulletin.


We made this forum becouse we have a passion for Online Games and also Singleplayer ones.

All of us (forum owners) studied IT and Development and that's another argoument that will be treated.

There is a MarketPlace where you can sell your Games Activation Keys,buy Licenses and even request Hacks/Bots or programs.

There are also sections dedicated to the Off-Topic and the general Community Chat.

We also offer help regarding Operating System such as Debian,Windows,Linus and OS.

There is a board dedicated to Smartphones and Mobile Gaming too.​

And for those who just want to read we have a News Board (Regarding Games) and even an Anime board,where you will find recent releases and episodes of your favourite saga.

For those who are looking to build a forum or need a forum set we're going to release paid Products and even Graphics. On request too,and everything it's just free.

Thanks for the attention,

MantraGaming Staff.​