Making Your Forum More Social Part II Being A Social Administrator


Mar 10, 2010
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Making Your Forum More Social Part II Being A Social Administrator

Making Your Forum More Social Part II Being a Social Administrator

I want to preface this article by stating I realize not all administrators are actively involved in their forums and there is nothing wrong with that. I strongly suggest, if this is the case with your site, to assign someone as a Social Administrator to be the face of the site.

You dont need to be a social butterfly to be a good social administrator. Im the perfect example. Im the most cynical misanthropic SOB you could know. But much like Brad Paisleys song Online Im so much cooler online. You also do not need to be the touchy feely overly empathetic person. What you do need is someone to be the face of your site. It is very important for you as the administrator to either be this person or assign this person that you know will keep the site going in the direction you want it to rather than someone assuming this responsibility. Weve probably all seen a forum where the leaders are not the dominate personalities of a forum and a member takes over that roll which can lead to the forum taking a different direction than the administrator wanted and can often times lead to the demise of the site.

A Social Administrator must be active and approachable in your forum. Use your personality to get people there and build a loyalty to you. Being active and personally connected to your members builds that loyalty from members so your site will be the one they want to go to and want to tell their friends about. One of the things I find frustrating is when I go to a forum and dont know who is running it. It just seems so impersonal and the antithesis of what a forum should be.

To be the Social Administrator you need to lead your forum in posts, or at least be among the top posters if the other top posters seem to be on the same page. The Social Administrator will be a clever wordsmith and understand words have meanings. While we cannot hear tone for sarcasm, humor, scorn and the like in written words we can convey that feeling by the words we use. A great example is notion and idea. Both words have essentially the same meaning but in many contexts notion takes on a more negative tone and idea a more positive one. You also dont need to use $10 words, just the correct words. Readers build a profile of who they think the person is based on not only what they write, but how they write it. The Social Administrator will portray them self as fair, friendly,...

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Jan 23, 2010
I like the ideas here of having a social admin but I think all of it occurs naturally with forums with more than one admin, one is usually more social and liked by members than the other and thus becomes the social admin. Will there be a part 3 to this? :)

I must admit, I am not much of a social admin at all, I think I would be with a different niche say if I was to run a webmaster forum or something where I really am needed to chime in and help.

Nice article!