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Jan 1, 2004
Visit and you may think you hear beautiful music just by viewing the style created for Magle International Music Forums. Launched in September of 2002 and redesigned and relaunched in December of 2003, Magle International Music Forums is described as an open community focusing on classical music, film scores and crossover between classical and other genre: electronica, rock, jazz and more.

Magle International Music Forums members enjoy discussions that in one case encouraged a record company in deciding to re-release the CD in question. Another thread highlights a composer and the piece he introduced at the forums is now being performed by a symphony orchestra. Another favorite thread is the personal log for a symphonic work Magle is composing. For members, there are MP3 downloads, exclusive to the forum.

Using UBB Threads 6.4, customizations added include a full search engine modification that makes the forum google friendly, a hack that makes uploaded pictures display directly in the post (inline) and many other customizations to personal the forums for the members.

Currently with 78 members (and growing!) the Magle International Music Forums members are made up of approximately 50/50 men/women, ages 17-63, but average around 25-27, with about 40% from Denmark, 60% rest from all over the world: USA, England, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Sweden etc.

Frederik Magle, the owner and admin is also composer, organist and pianist. Born in 1977, Frederick is a member of the Danish Composer's Society.

Frederick Magel began composing at the age of 5 and took lessons of piano and music theory from the age of six. The first public performance of his music took place when Frederik was 8 years old.

Frederik Magle's music has been performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Zürcher Kammerorchester, Riga Philharmonic Orchestra, South-Jutland Symphony Orchestra, The Danish Radio Sinfonietta, Nikolaj Znaider and many other outstanding ensembles and soloists.

As a soloist Frederik Magle has played in - among many other places - Saint Peter's Basilica (Rome), Windsor Castle, Luzern Concert Hall, Riga Cathedral, The Danish Radio Concert Hall. On the 4th of October 2002, his piece "Pact of the Baptism" was given it's premiere performance at the christening of H.H. Prince Felix in Mogeltonder Church.

Pollux Chung contributed graphics for the Magle International Music Forums and stylesheet programmer is Lane Olson. Adding additional staff and moderators are planned for the near future as the website continues to grow.

"Frederik Magle's Corner" forum integrates with my personal website for news, reviews, downloads etc.- the rest of the forums are NOT focused on my person but is completely open community. "I'm working on a technical matter to remove a 2 MB upload limit. This will allow members to upload their own music (mp3) to share with others (provided they have the copyright). For now members can upload many different kind of files up till 2 MB."

Most notable is the community's helpful answers to questions about all kind of music with future plans for expansion. "When I'm finished composing the large symphonic piece which is taking all my time these days, I plan on every week composing a small improvisation on piano, and put it up for free download."

The Admin Zone wishes to congratulate Magle International Music Forums for being selected as Featured Forum. May beautiful music continue to surround us all because of your contribution to our ears and our understanding.


Mar 11, 2004
Thank you Kathy and TAZ for selecting Magle International Music Forums as featured forum and for the great presentation!

For the past weeks I have been intensely working on finishing a major symphonic piece, and have not been able to dedicate as much time to as I would like to, but nevertheless the forum has continued to grow: 94 members as I write this, up 20% in a little over two weeks. The work is almost finished now (only proof-reading on the 21000-notes score is left...) and I will start spending time on the forum again - writing more topics and implementing new technical advancements (mods, upgrades etc.). My goal is to have more than 400 members this year, and to keep a friendly, open and useful community for everyone interested in music (especially classical music, film music and crossover).

Thanks again for helping by featuring - I'm honoured!

Many kind regards
Frederik Magle
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