Seeking Looking for volunteers that have a large interest in board games


Dec 16, 2014
Some of you may have seen my intro thread, where I detail what some of my plan is. I'm going all in here.

If anyone found this project to be interesting (and love board games!), I would really like to hear from you! Maybe we can cooperate in some way. There are several potential areas where this may be useful, depending on your skillset/interests. I am more cautious about adding a lot of staff members, so most would start as contributors of various kinds first, and if things work well, upgraded later to full staff members if they wish.

- Guest Editor. Writing news, reviews, guides etc for board games.
- Contributor. The database being the primary one that needs help here, filling it with games and details about them. But also associated areas such as providing board game images (XF MG), resources such as official rules etc (XF RM).
- Designer. Help with custom artwork, avatars, some cool competitions etc and other fun stuff that we could do with this =) On my previous site I had a very nice designer who found a lot of fun in helping out with all sorts of graphical tasks ^^

Name of site (and/or forum)?: Board Game Dungeon.
Link to forum?:
Not public yet, DM me for details.
Genre?: Board games.
Forum Software?: Xenforo 2.
Total number of posts the forum has received?: -
Seeking?: See above.
Paid Position?: No.
Why are you requesting staff?:
Find other people with the same interest, to be part of a big project to strengthen the board game community =)
Additional Information: See above.
How do you wish to be contacted? TAZ DM.
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