Offering Looking for a voluneteer forum moderation position.


Jun 23, 2007
Position requested?: Forum Moderator(Forum or Global.) **I do not mind contributing to the conversations and community as well as moderating.**

Past experiences?:
I ran a couple forums/websites roughly a decade ago. I was recruited through TAZ for a Runescape private server community as a moderator both on their forums and on the server itself as a player moderator as well. I haven't hosted/ran a forum for quite awhile and might require some time to re-familiarize myself with forum software. I honestly would be running some sort of forum in recent years, but I simply haven't come up with a decent niche that interests me. I learned from past experiences that building a website/forum from the ground-up all by yourself isn't the best way to accomplish your goals. I was a reviewer/staff member of TAZ many years ago as well as a premium member.

I do not have a specific genre that I would be interested in. I have various interests in real life and I don't mind researching and becoming familiar with a topic. If I absolutely had to give an idea of a topic which holds my interest I would have to say:
  1. Mental health and other psycho-social discussion forums, such as addiction, adhd, anxeity, borderline persoonality disorder(BPD), Bipolar disorder, etc.
  2. Gaming niche. Not general gaming forums which try covering far too many areas. Anything inside the online Runescape communties is of particular interest to me since I am a veteran player since 2002.
  3. Online gambling/gaming. This is a topic which I wouldn't accept just any offer. No gambling topics which encourage potential addicts to further their own addiction. I would also be open to something in the gambling-addiction space. Addiction support in general is always welcome.
  4. Vaping forums are of a large interest to me since I started getting into the entire culture behind vaping itself.
  5. I really am open to almost anything and will consider each and every offer sent to me.

Forum software you're familiar with? Vbulletin, IPB, and MYBB(My personal favorite of the non-commerical options.) I do not believe that I have ever touched the Xenforo software but I really,really like it's look and would love to learn about the software.

How large, and busy, was the last forum you (helped) manage(d)? I honestly cannot remember as so many years have passed since I held a moderator position. I suppose I could say that TAZ was the largest and most active forum where I was a member of staff.

What is your moderation/administration style?: I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you since it has been so long since holding a staff position. I am a very fair person who doesn't moderate without a good reason to do so. I will always look at both sides of any conflict between members or otherwise. When I have to moderate I will do so with an iron fist, but I always make sure that there is suffficent evidence and reasoning to all my actions as a moderator. I am also very open to suggestions/feedback from other moderators or administrators.

Area of expertise?: Troublesome users and general moderation. I used to have some experince in making basic edits to code but that was quite some time ago now. As always I am more than willing to improve my skills and knowledge as a moderator.

Why are you offering your time to someone?: I am unemployed at the moment with tons of free time on my hands. I want to contribute my personal time to something beyond myself. This pandemic has made my small social life much smaller than before and I want to contribute my time to something.

Additional Information: None.

How do you wish to be contacted? TAZ PM. Discord or private email available by request only.