Kim Dotcom livestreaming extradition appeal online?

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Jan 16, 2010
Well, this is an interesting way to handle a court case. Apparently, they've gave him permission to livestream his extradition appeal on Youtube:

It's certainly novel. Though I don't think the judge quite understands how the internet works here:

subject to agreement from Mr Dotcom and the other men that the case would only be livestreamed and any footage would be removed as soon as the six-week hearing was over.
Sorry guys, but you're really naive about the internet if you think 'any footage will be removed when the hearing is over'. From Dotcom's account, yes. From everyone else's? Most probably not, cause of the old Streisand Effect.

Still, it's an interesting idea, and it makes you think how court cases could work if more of those were streamed live. But what do you think about this?


Apocalypse Admin
Jun 29, 2008
I'd be surprised if it does get streamed, unless its meant to be a staged show with no bearing on the actual court proceed (like part of a plea deal), or they plan to crucify Dotcom live.

Judges are not stupid. In demanding the deletion of footage, they may be setting up Dotcom for failure to comply with this condition and order sanctions. The terms couldve also been an elaborate way for them to say 'hell no'.


Nov 24, 2005
It was allowed by the judge but he's been really naive asking that it be removed from web later.

Mr Dotcom praised the judge for being "brave" enough to allow the streaming to happen. But it does come with an odd stipulation which many might find a tad naive on the part of the court.

As well as a 20 minute delay, in which some details can be beeped out from what goes out on the internet, the judge has also ruled that once the six-week hearing is over it cannot be kept online forever.

But to think, given all the people likely to watch it online, nobody is going to record it independently and publish shows a poor grasp of how the online community operates. The video of Kim Dotcom's hearing will be all over the internet, in perpetuity, whether the judge wants it to be or not.


Oooh, something shiny!
Jul 13, 2004
If the courtroom is open to the public for the hearing then I don't think it's really that much of a big deal. Heck, I'd love to see public hearings either streamed or broadcast on local community TV channels.

But, as mentioned above, to think the video will will be stripped from the web when the hearing is over is pretty naive. If anything they should take the opposite approach... have an official video stream provided by the court which then could be kept as part of the hearing records along with the normal written transcripts.


Nov 8, 2009
As I said on another forum who going to have the time to watch this? I don't have 6 weeks of holiday leaves.