Jul 15, 2012
So i went to SEMrush did as they asked and they want me to enter 10 keywords.
I don't know any keywords or i wouldn't be asking, so that is out.

Google gives me a code to put into my site (xenforo), so where do i put it please?
You can choose the "HTML file upload" method to verify your site. Download the file, then you just upload it to your "public_html" directory.


Apr 29, 2014
Repurposed with permission from another forum:

To improve forum SEO:
  • Encourage on-topic posting (discourage or move off topic posts from within important threads)
  • Merge threads that are about basically the same things (XF similar threads addon is good)
  • Encourage people not to start a new thread about the same topic as an existing one.
  • Get rid of trolls.
  • Encourage meaningful thread titles that include words that are right on topic.
  • Have easy navigation so that people who find your forum are encouraged to stay there (engaged) and look around.
  • Search for old threads that only have one post. I just delete them because usually it's a question that nobody answered, so it's useless to Google.
  • Not just threads, post some useful well written articles on pages or resources., structure them like proper articles with headings and subheadings, articulate writing, good original clear images, internal and external linking.
  • Look at the competition and work out why they do better in Google.
  • Think about search questions.