Jake Bunce Reloaded!

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Jake Bunce Reloaded!

We did our first Interview with Jake Bunce back in August 2005. That was more than 6 years ago!

Jake had a good run providing support for vBulletin customers, but he has recently moved on from his position there. We thought this would be a good time for us to catch up with him in another interview. :)

On XenForo.com, Kier occasionally bestows a custom user title to particularly worthy members. Jake's reads "Jake Bunce - Probably knows the answer". What better compliment for someone who's provided support for countless thousands of forumers over the years.


At the time of your last interview, you were going to college and living at home. What's happened since then?

I earned my Computer Science degree in Fall 2005. Immediately after graduating I examined my options for moving out on my own. I realized I didn't have a need or desire to move out, and my mom liked having me there since I paid all of my own expenses, including rent. But then she got remarried so I decided to get out of the way and moved into an apartment in March 2008.

Customer support must be very frustrating at times although I imagine it can also be quite rewarding as well. What is it about providing support that keeps you at it?

The only thing that frustrates me is when people won't accept my help. This is rare in customer support, but it happens. I sincerely like helping people. My reward is knowing that I make a difference. And helping people with their websites reflects my own hobby which is even better.

I see that you've moved on after 8 plus years on the vBulletin Staff. With all of the recent changes going on there, you must have mixed feelings about leaving vB. Any thoughts you'd be willing to share with us?

9 years. I miss my job. I would have worked for free but there were differences that couldn't be ignored. It was time to move on.

I lost interest in vBulletin a couple years ago but I still enjoyed my job with them. My niche was doing installs and upgrades. Doing upgrades in particular can be challenging and rewarding. Give me a 4 million post upgrade with 10 gigs of attachments, lots of customizations, and a corrupt database and I am a happy camper.

Recent changes at vBulletin had little effect on me and my position. Of course I was sad to see our veteran staffers leave. It is hard to...

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May 28, 2007
A very nice and interesting interview. Thanks for doing it and posting it. I would be very interested to read more such interviews. Especially with the former vbulletin employees, as its refreshing to read their view from an outside position.


I can has cheezburger?
Oct 12, 2009
Good interview - and good luck Jake in finding gainful employment - although I'm sure you won't need it. :)


Jul 21, 2006
Great Interview Jake, thanks for sharing your thoughts and philosophies with us :)


shiny happy pantless
Feb 20, 2006
Loved the read. Especially love Jake's video on his Tiny House venture.

I want one!




Apr 10, 2009
Lovely interview, Jake. It was so nice to know more about you. :)
And yes, you do make a difference to so many people, regardless of which community you are helping. I have been the "victim" of such help, like many others, and it is highly appreciated.

Mike Creuzer

Mar 18, 2007
Awesome interview. Jake seems like a very intelligent person who I feel deserves to work wherever he wants. He has the drive and dedication you can't really find too much these days.

Those tiny houses are really something else.

Liam W

in memoriam 1998-2020
Oct 3, 2013
Hmmm, interesting.

Obviously, this was posted 3 years or so ago, and loads will have changed...

Those tiny houses... Hmmm. Wouldn't work for me!


P.S If you have any issues with me replying to this super old thread, it shouldn't be prominently displayed on the home page :p


⚧ Jacquii: Kween of Hearts ⚧
Jul 9, 2006
P.S If you have any issues with me replying to this super old thread, it shouldn't be prominently displayed on the home page :p

TAZ has a few anti-bump rules in place - but generally it has to do with the OP bumping his/her thread before a certain amount of time has transpired. So your bump/post is fine.

The old bump of the day award, however, does go to you :daroldi:



Jun 29, 2013
Jake's help on the Xenforo forums has saved me a ton of time. Most of the time I don't even have to post my question; when I search he is one of the most common posters that comes up with the SQL queries or other Xenforo info that I need