Is TAZ now (or soon to be owned) by VerticalScope?


Jun 29, 2021
I may well be ignorant or overly positive, but it seems to me that TAZ is not the average website that can be treated the same way any other community can. How TAZ will be treated (good, neutral or bad) will affect the reputation of VS much more. If TAZ would go down the drain then this would be regretted by the TAZ member base and would affect future interactions with those thousands of community admins and webmasters. It would not be a good business decision IMO.

I don't know VS so ultimately I have no clue about what will happen. Good or bad. We will find out in time.
LMFAO. Every forum owner that sold to VS and their mods are all praise of the new overlords at first. Then inevatibly 'something' happens with the relationship and they are terminated. It's happened on every VS forum I've been on. Once they buy, you're a pain to them because they don't give a **** what you think, how things were done and what the community expects.

Put a nail in it, TAZ is done.

Being a member here for over 15 years now, I'd be willing to be one of those who'd chip in!
You can't buy back from VS. I tried for 2yrs and all I got was endless loops of 'who I really need to speak to' and unanswered emails. Same for the broker I asked to speak to them. They have their new ad revenue and thats all they care about..... everybody else can just F-off eh?


Mar 21, 2005
One of the mboards I'm almost got assimulated into the VS fold, but some of us were able to persuade them to avoid VS like the covid. What's happening now is 2 of the admins are buying the board and keep it the way it is, instead of looking like the crap you see on AVS or now DBS Talk.

I do notice though this board hasn't change over yet. Maybe they will leave it as is.