Invision 4.5 (new!): sign in with Apple


Jul 1, 2014
Sign in with Apple is built on similar technologies as other login buttons such as those already available in Invision Community from Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The difference is Apple’s unique focus on privacy. On certain community types users can be reluctant to sign up when they fear they need to disclose lots of personal details. Every community is different so allowing your users to share as little or as much info as they like could be important to your success. Apple have stated that no user tracking will take place in contrast to other services where this forms a part of their business model.

When signing in with their Apple ID the user can choose whether or not to share their real email address with your community. If the user chooses to hide their email address then your community will receive a relay email address that will forward to their real address. The email address used is unique to your community so the user can retain control.



Apocalypse Admin
Jun 29, 2008
Leading the pack instead of following very late. Privacy-first implementations will likely be a big win for communities, especially with Google and facebook connect being serious liabilities.


Aug 26, 2010
I'm notoriously lax when it comes to starting forum threads but biometric authentication is something I feel and felt strongly about so an opening post was made:

The general feeling at the time was not in my back yard and not in the next 5 years. It'll be interesting to see the reaction now that it's actually here and within 3 years.

Welcome to the future!
Absolutely and credit again must go to Invision Community for having the vision to make it happen :love: