Invision 4.5 just entered the beta stage!


Migration Expert
Feb 20, 2007
My thoughts, so far:

- I noticed some items with background tasks/cron in the changelog. I'm hoping these (along with "Improved performance of several areas of the software") speed up background batch tasks, that's my #1 concern with the admincp since I do a lot of tasks that require batch updating.

- Looking forward to seeing what page builder widgets are available.

- Very large number fixes. :)

- I LOL'd too about the Digg and Delicious links being removed.

- PHP 7.4 support is a big plus for me, basically free though minor performance boost.

- Meta tag editor, would have been good years ago, but according to Google they don't use it any more due to so many people keyword stuffing it. I think Bing is the same.

- The forums have very few new features, but overall given the number of fixes and improvements elsewhere it's not a complaint, just a wish. But given their development pace, it's not like the forums have been neglected.

- REST API fixes are welcome. One of them addresses a problem I thought was in my code, lol, but it looks like it was on their end.

- "Apc, Memcache, Wincache and Xcache" deprecations. I Memcached wasn't on this list for future dropping. I still Memcached on a significant number of systems, actually more often than I do Redis.

All in all, looking good. I'll need to dig in deeper! :)