Interview with wgEric


Aug 22, 2004
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Interview with wgEric

wgEric is one of the people that make phpBB run. He is the Modifications Team Leader. I had a chance to conduct an interview with him about a month ago.

Thanks to wgEric again for agreeing to the interview.


1.Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Eric Faerber and I am currently a senior in highschool. I live in Kaysville, Utah which is about 20-30 minutes North of Salt Lake City in Utah. Like any other Teenager, I love to have fun whether that is playing sports, hanging out with friends, or sleeping in until the afternoon. I really enjoy technology ranging from anything to do with audio, computers, video games, and everything else.

2.What is your educational background?

This spring I should be graduating from highschool. Hopefully, I’ll be entering a university this fall. I’m thinking of doing something with computers, probably a computer science degree.

3.What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

I would say becoming the Modifications Team Leader for phpBB. Lots of good things have happened since I have been invited to join the MOD Team.

4.Any memorable failures?

Worldwide Elite Gamers (WWEG) which later became Electronic Gaming Community (EGC) is what comes to my mind first. I worked on this site with a couple of guys from England for many years. We gained at most five active members over the years. Eventually we all got tired of running the site and it died.

I think just about everyone has tried their luck at a video game website and very few have succeeded. It was fun working on these sites and without them I probably would have never used phpBB. The wG in my name also came from WWEG. If I remember correctly, it stands for World Gamer ;)

5.How did you first get into Coding/Programming?

My older brother had taken a HTML class in highschool and taught me some of it. That’s when I created my first website, Eric’s Cheats. As you can see, it’s a real nightmare of a site. It was even more of a nightmare to update since I hadn’t heard of PHP at the time.

After that I became involved with WWEG, I taught myself PHP in order to create a simple script to update the site.

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