Interview with the Cre8Buzz Team!

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Jan 6, 2004
Morganna submitted a new Article:

Interview with the Cre8Buzz Team!

Cre8Buzz is a new social networking site focused towards their members gaining more exposure for themselves. In their own words -

There are a lot of talented people in the world. We know this. Unfortunately, most of them go unnoticed and remain in anonymity their entire lives. We all know of someone who has an amazing talent, or an amazing idea, or is phenomenal at what they do, but hardly anyone knows about it. This fact bothers us at cre8buzz. We believe there is something wrong with a world where talented people and ideas can go unnoticed. So we decided to do something about it. We set out to build a place where everyone had a chance to be seen, heard and found.
We built Cre8buzz with one question in mind: How do we get EVERYONE more…
  • More exposure
  • More visitors
  • More views
  • More friends
  • More followers
  • More comments
  • More feedback
How do we help people cre8 a buzz of their own?
Our answer; Cre8buzz, the place where everyone in the world has a chance to be seen, heard, and found!

How did cre8Buzz come about?

We noticed two things: First, people are running around the other sites trying to get a little attention. Folks are using social networks for more than just meeting people, they are usin' em for promotion. The problem is other sites are clunky and were never designed for promotion. We think, big time, that folks with cool content should be rewarded and therefore there’s a need to create a site that rewards the folks with good stuff; thus the "buzzranking" was born. It is a simple premise; reward people for good content.

My boys also recognized that no-one was delivering all types (not just video) of User Generated Content to the masses and that there was tons of crazy cool User Generated Content inside the other sites, but it was impossible to get to. Seriously, have ya ever tried to find something inside of a social network? It is impossible. They are designed and set up to "meet" people not display the best content. They have a stumble effect. If you’re friends with someone that has cool stuff then ya might find it. But if not, well just wait until it comes along. What is worse, is if your not a member of the social network then you'll never find anything. There is almost zero value in the today's social networks for people who don't belong to ‘em. That didn't make sense because of how...
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Mar 10, 2006
Great interview, AzhriaLilu. I'm surprised that I'm only the second person to respond... ah, well. Very, very interesting indeed. Cre8Buzz looks pretty cool, too. :)

Jan 5, 2006
Social networking is really taking off these days...after Zoints though I'm not really sure how anyone is going to do


Aug 8, 2008
Cool interview! Here in Holland did we use: ( is english version, dutch version ;) )