Interview with Mike Fitzgerald, Bone Fish CEO

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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Interview with Mike Fitzgerald, Bone Fish CEO

You've seen the ads for Bone Fish on TAZ. Let's find out more about it from the CEO and co-founder, Mike Fitzgerald. :)


Hey Mike - Thanks for taking the time to participate in a TAZ interview. Can you start by giving us a brief bio?

I am the co-founder of Bone Fish Limited, an enterprise started back in 1999. My background is primarily in sales and business management although running a company has other “interesting” elements! Before starting Bone Fish, I worked in the online insurance industry when it was in its infancy. The blue chip insurance companies we dealt with were terribly formal, terribly slow and terribly frustrating and lost a massive lead on the smaller players we helped who went from 6 man operations to 100+ employees in the time I worked with them. This pretty much focused my mind on creating a small dynamic company able to change and grow quickly in a completely new environment.

What is your educational background?

Both Graham Hampson and I have business degrees from Manchester (UK).

What do you consider as your accomplishments up to this point?

Unlike most start ups, Bone Fish Limited was launched on a budget of £10,000 within six weeks of conception. We have never needed external investment.

Following up on this, our version 2 which is ready for launch is probably the most dynamic and impressive white label solution. This is something I am extremely proud of and cannot wait to launch.

Any failures you'd like to tell us about?

Plenty, any company director who has never made a mistake is lying. We have partnered in the past with relatively new start-ups (e.g. telephony companies) who have folded. We therefore don’t touch new companies until they are tried and tested.

What are your favorite books? Movies? TV shows? Music? Games? Food?s Beverages?

Food: Sushi

Drinks: Mohitos/ Champagne

Books: Lord of the Rings Trilogy | Anything by Andy McNab

Movies: Jacobs Ladder | Spotless Mind of Eternal Sunshine | eXistenZ

Music: Anything from Verdi to Rage Against the Machine

Which websites do you visit regularly?

Other than news and sports, probably iMDB, Wiki and OPW.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I have a four year old son who tends to bring me down to earth but do occasionally turn into a Night Elf on WC!

What is Bone Fish and how did it come about?...
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The Ancient Dragon
Jul 1, 2007
Excellent interview! :D I actually didn't know what Bone Fish really was till I read this interview. :) You learn something new everyday!


Jul 4, 2009
Definitely a good article! I admire how he started in 1999 and didn't give up.


Aug 22, 2009
Superb interview but the advice for not plan for future is somehow weird we always don't know what gonna happen but proactive approach can help in minimizing the risk that's what i think may be i am having a wrong opinion :-S