Interview With Justin S. - MyBB Lead Designer

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Jan 6, 2004
Morganna submitted a new Article:

Interview With Justin S. - MyBB Lead Designer

We were lucky enough to catch up with Justin - the lead designer of MyBB earlier this week and he took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

Thanks Justin!

For those people who live under a rock, could you describe what MyBB is?

MyBB is a free, open source, easy to use, and powerful forum software. It powers hundreds of thousands of communities across the internet, and it has a feature set rivaling any other in the industry, free or paid. Simply put, it’s a fantastic solution to organize and manage discussions - and that’s what forums are all about, right?

You joined MyBB when you were pretty young (15, if I recall). How did you become a part of the team and how long was it before you became Lead Designer for the software?

I first started using MyBB back before 1.0 was released. They had started a wiki to document common support issues, but it was lacking in content. At some point I began writing some additional documentation, as did former team member Ryan Gordon (who I knew from the RollerCoaster Tycoon community). The team took notice and decided to offer the two of us positions on the newly-formed MyBB wiki team. That pretty much remained the case as 1.2 was developed and ultimately released in 2006.

At the time, some work was being done to redevelop and redesign the MyBB website. We had a solid base, but we decided it could use some more work, so I was tasked with coming up with a fresh new design - which remains as the MyBB website you see today.

I became more involved in design of the software as 1.4 was being developed. I had a few ideas for improvements to the new Admin Control Panel, which was being developed at the time, and was ultimately tasked with creating the layouts for a large number of pages in the control panel.

I’m not entirely sure when exactly I took on the title of “Lead Designer,” as it was sort of a progression from my previous role as the maintainer of the Wiki to becoming the lead designer of the software. However, I would say I had certainly completely taken on the role by the time I first posted about 2.0 layout mock-ups in the MyBB staff forums, which was in early 2009.

What does your role as lead designer entail compared with other designers on the team?

For a while I was technically the only designer on the team - everyone else on the development team were tasked with strictly developing the software. Recently, though, Mike Creuzer (also known as Audentio)...
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