Interview with Jake Bunce

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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Interview with Jake Bunce

Anyone who has spent time on is familiar with Jake Bunce. Jake has been on the Support Staff there for about 3 years now answering countless questions covering all aspects of vBulletin - only Steve Machol has more posts than him. I thought it would be interesting to find out more about Jake and he kindly agreed to answer some interview questions for the Admin Zone.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 24 years old. I have lived in California all of my life. I have a younger brother who is currently working on his Computer Science degree just like me (we are both into computers). I am currently living at home while I finish my schooling. The plan is to move out once I get my degree - hopefully to a place with cleaner air than the Central Valley.

What are your favorite books?

I have never been one for recreational reading, so I don't have any favorite books.


I am a sucker for old action movies. Some movies that come to mind are Raw Deal, Running Man, Demolition Man, Judge Dredd, the Rocky series, the Rambo series, Kickboxer, Lionheart, Bloodsport, The Professional, Universal Soldier, Split Second, Sniper, and assorted other Van Damme and Steven Seagal movies - they suck so good.

TV Shows?

I watched Star Trek religiously back in the days of TNG and DS9. I could never get into Voyager and Enterprise (see below). I also used to watch Simpsons, X Files, and Seinfeld. I don't watch TV much anymore.


I don't listen to music.


I have always been a big gamer. NES was my console back in the day. Zelda 2 was my favorite game - I have it down to a science. I was also big into the Super Mario Brothers and Megaman series. I picked up on computer games after the NES so I never got into any of the later consoles. My early computer games were old Mac games like Blobbo, Power Pete, Lemmings, Escape Velocity, Ultimate Doom, Command & Conquer, Diablo, Warcraft, etc. I was big on Diablo 2 for a while, my gaming clan's first game. I went without a favorite game for a couple of years until World of Warcraft was released. Now my clan plays World of Warcraft.




Water, Arizona green tea, smoothies, milk shakes.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

When I am not playing computer games, I am usually...
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vBulletin Guru
Jan 29, 2005
Great interview, really told us a lot about Jake. Thanks Sandman and Jake :)

MGM out


Jan 6, 2004
Heh, he sounds sort of like me... except I'm now out of college. :)


Feb 2, 2005
Great interview Sandman! I'm a big fan of Jakes as he's helped me lots and lots and answered loads of questions about vB but has never shouted at me or told me to bugger off! He's a huge credit to the Jelsoft Team, always courteous and helpful and can appreciate that not everyone is as clued up as he is when it comes to the technical stuff.

I wish him all the best in his exams and hope to see more from him regarding his vB input.



Jul 29, 2004
Very interesting interview, it's nice to know the guys behind the posts :)