Interview With Erwin!

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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Interview With Erwin!

Anyone who has seen Dr. Erwin Loh's Avatar knows something about him already - he wears many hats. :D He is a physician and a lawyer, owns and administrates the largest Christian Forums on the planet, endlessly modifies code for his Board, graciously shares his work with the vBulletin Community, and still manages to find time for the really important things in his life - family and spirituality. And even the occasional comic book... ;)

Note: After this interview was published, Erwin sold the Christian Forums and created a new Big Board, Avatar Chat.


> Please tell us a little about your personal life, family, and home.

I'm married to a wonderful woman. We have no kids (yet). :)

> Can you summarize your educational experience for us?

I have a medical degree from the University of Melbourne, and a law degree from Monash University - both are well-known universities in Australia.

> Which Medical Specialty do you practice?

I am a Specialist in Legal Medicine, and a Fellow of both the American and the Australian Colleges of Legal Medicine.

>What made you decide to attend Law School?

It's an interest of mine. :)

> What direction will your career take now?

I work mainly in health law, defending doctors, hospitals, insurance companies etc. I plan to get more involved in medical defence.

> How do you manage your time?

With a lot of discipline and a Treo 270. ;)

> Will you describe what you do on a daily and/or weekly basis?

I have a very busy life. On weekdays, I generally wake up early to check on my forum site. I answer support questions, fix up bugs, etc. I then drive to work in the city. At work, I review medical files, draft medicolegal advice and when I have time, check on my forum during my lunch break (I am typing this now from work during my lunch break!).

I get home usually late in the evening, and cook dinner if it's my turn to cook, eat and watch some TV, then do my daily gym workout. I then log on and check on my forum again, and do server maintenance and other stuff I need to do.

On weekends, I spend more time online doing server and site maintenance. I also try to spend time with my wife, by relaxing with friends or catching up on the latest movie.

On Sundays we attend our...
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Dec 2, 2006
thanks for sharing this mistakes with us, that will help me to take a much deep look at my future steps


Jan 25, 2008
I owe part of my journey to Christianity to Dr. Erwin's website. A lot of the familiar faces at CF's Orthodox section are registered on my board now, so I can thank him for that too. CF has really boomed and his vision is extraordinary.


May 31, 2007
thankx for sharing i being a doctor too loved the interview..