Interview With Chris Deeming

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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Interview With Chris Deeming

Chris Deeming is a fixture on You can find him in the top 10 in all Notable Members list categories. That's over 8,000 posts, over 8,000 likes, and almost 80 resources - quite an accomplishment!

Mr. Deeming is quite a busy boy as you can imagine, and lately even more so than usual since he was and is intimately involved with the AVForums conversion to XenForo. Chris was kind enough to answer a bunch of interview questions for me although to be honest I don't know how he found the time.

Thanks Chris!

Please tell us about yourself.

A good place to start, I think, is how I first got involved with forums. Starting around 1999 I became a massive fan of the video game, Half-Life and it's many community made modifications, particularly Counter-Strike. In 2001, my favourite website was a site called They had a forum running on UBB and later on vBulletin 2.0. I was a moderator. At various times I was known as such imaginative names as "Mr. Deeming" and... yep. "Chris Deeming".

Eventually Half-Life 2 was announced and I was interested in nothing more than that. I became involved in my next major forum, That was running vBulletin 2.X as well and again I was a moderator there, at one time the Lead Editor and eventually Forum Admin. I then had a break from forums. I just didn't have time. But I eventually came back to Just in time for them to make a move to a new forum platform I'd never heard of before: XenForo.

Wow. That's 11 years of my life in only two paragraphs :unsure:

What is your educational background?

Very average through school, went to college and dropped out after a few months because I decided I preferred the world of work. When I eventually started choosing the jobs I wanted to do I went on to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

What are your most important accomplishments thus far?

A bit of a cliché but I'm proud my beautiful wife and daughter. I'm incredibly lucky and they are very supportive of me, even though I work pretty much every waking hour. I've also accomplished success in my day job, qualifications and I'm proud that I've taught myself PHP, MySQL and to a lesser extent, Javascript.

What is the significance of your avatar?

Like with much of my online identity, probably a lack of imagination. But it has ended up being...
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