Interview with Brian "Tigga" Gunter


May 20, 2004
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Interview with Brian "Tigga" Gunter

Brian "Tigga" Gunter is the coder behind the extremely popular vBulletin portal software "vBAdvanced CMPS" and other "vBAdvanced" products. He runs vBAdvanced and EDM Planet and is renowned for his vBulletin hacking abilities. In addition, he is currently developing a gallery that will be integrated with vBulletin that many speculate will give the competition a run for its money and then some.

Q. Brian, could you provide us with a brief biography?

A. Well I born on February 11th, 1981 in Roswell, Georgia, have lived in different parts of northern Georgia most of my life. I currently live in Marietta, Georgia. My mother and father are both self-employed accountants, and it seems that I've always done well with business and of course math and such. I always did well in school, but I started becoming a bit of a troublemaker once I started high school. Because of that, I started getting behind in high school and when I was 17 decided that it would take less time to get my GED and just go to college afterwards. I went to about 3 GED classes before getting bored with them, didn't return until the day of the test, and passed with flying colors.

I then started classes at DeVry Technical College, and about the same time started working on a club promotion business in Atlanta. Just before that I also started getting more and more into web development. After our third year of promoting club events it was becoming increasingly difficult to turn a profit as there just weren't enough people coming out like there had been when we started, and a few years before I got into it. So once things started cooling off with that, I went out and found a job for a web development company where I worked on some rather large projects, some of which were for huge companies. After a few months there, I figured I could do better on my own, so I started concentrating my efforts more on and the products we have available there, along with doing more and more freelance work for people. Nothing too exciting, but you asked.

Q. What is your programming background, how did you get started hacking vBulletin, and how did you come up with the idea for vBAdvanced?

A. Well I really started seriously getting into things in 1999. My father had gotten into web development and hosting a few years before that. I was talking to him about it one day and thought "Hey, I want to make a web...
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Darkness Divine
Jun 29, 2004
I was wondering when someone was going to interview Brian. Good interview, I have a feeling he is going to become very valuable to the vBulletin community if he's not already. ;)