Interview with Brandon Farber - IPS Developer

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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Interview with Brandon Farber - IPS Developer

Matt and Charles keep Brandon Farber pretty busy these days, but even so he managed to find the time to answer some questions for an Admin Zone Interview! :D


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm 23, married, and I have two kids (ages 2 and 4). I was born in upstate NY, but moved to Jacksonville FL when I was 15, where I met my wife a year later. I spend a lot of time outside of work doing things for my sons, as most fathers would.

What is your educational background?

I stopped going to a traditional high school when I was 16 because my wife (girlfriend) became pregnant, and completed high school at age 17 through a home schooling program. Shortly after I completed high school, I enrolled in college where I graduated Valedictorian of my class, earning an Associates Degree in Electronics and Computer Technology.

What do you consider to be your accomplishments?

My family is my greatest accomplishment. I don't know what I'd do without them now.

Any failures you'd like to tell us about?

Nothing of interest, at least that I can think of. I can't recall failing at anything that I really wanted to succeed at.

How did you first get into coding / programming?

I got into making login screens for Windows XP a while back and after I had made 30 or 40 I decided I wanted to host them on a site. Around the same time I was working 6:30 PM till 3 AM and at work (in between tech support calls) I started learning basic HTML. While my free site was in its infancy, I downloaded a program (which has grown outdated now) called phpdev, which ran a WAMP combination on localhost. With it, IPB 1.2 was provided. I liked how it worked and soon got a copy of 1.3. I setup a site (which I no longer own) to host login screens and visual styles for others who enjoyed XP Customizations. As I did this, there were features missing (like a download system to host the files) that I wanted, so I got involved with Invisionize at the time. I started using a copy of a download system by Sno (which was originally coded by Parmeet) and eventually just dove into the code to learn it - I had no formal training, so the only way for me to learn it was to open up the files and sift through them. I had questions, and Parmeet answered most of them (involving changing code) which really helped me get started. PHP isn't so hard to learn if you take the...
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May 20, 2004
Good interview :)

Brandon said:
I drink 4 cups of coffee in the morning, so you could say I intake a lot of caffeine. I don't listen to music typically - unless I'm at home, and only rarely then.
I think programmers account for more than 50% of the world's caffeine intake :)


Mar 5, 2006
Great interview.

I like this get stuck right in point of view. So many times have I seen people say, and say myself, to read a book, articles, tutorials and all that jazz.
I guess that is the alternative to that!

Erick L Gonzalez

Aug 2, 2006
I started with IPB 1.2 too and since then I've been hooked on IPB coding and Php, the U.S. Navy/Marine Corps and the stupid war in Iraq (3 time vet) has kept me from becoming the full-time developer I hope to be but now that I'm getting out in the next few months I intend on making IPB coding my career.

This is the man I emulate, I live and breath IPB php coding day and night, I hope that very soon I will be good enough to write my own mods and get noticed by IPB.

Farber man you are my hero, seriously no joke and this comes from a man who has seen a lot of heroic acts in wartime.

Great interviewed, been waiting for it for a while.
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Jul 29, 2005
Great Interview

I agree that was a great interview and was interesting to read.


Prince of Dorkness
Dec 11, 2005
BBen said:
Your link doesn't work for IPS beyond!
IPS Beyond is only available to licensed IPB owners. You can access it through your Client Center if this is the case.


May 18, 2008
You can always learn something interesting and helpful in an interview. thank you very much:)


Mar 7, 2009
I love reading these interviews. it inspires me to see how the ordinary lives are of these programmers/developers when I pictured them as being these god like people. Nice to know they are just down to earth people.