Interview: ViperAlley

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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Interview: ViperAlley

Michael Pierce, better known around these parts as ViperAlley, graciously agreed to give us an interview. :) Michael is a programming consultant for PhotoPost, PhotoPost Classifieds, and ReviewPost. I guess you could safely say that Michael is an extreme kind of guy... :yup:

> Please give us a brief biography.

I am 38 years old, live in Virginia with my wife and 4 beautiful daughters. Grew up at Dartmouth College and started programming when I was 12. I entered the military where I worked for NORAD and NSA in the computer field.

I've also owned several successful businesses and have helped take a couple public. Currently working on my websites, PhotoPost and several other projects. I also enjoy photography and built several sites around them like

> Where did you get your coding experience?

At a young age I was exposed to the Internet and computer programming when I lived in Hanover, NH in the middle of Dartmouth College. I learned programming by spending virtually all my time at the computer center, taking Dartmouth programming classes and working at the computer center. I've been programming on various platforms for the better part of 26 years.

> Are you coding full time or is it a sideline?

After the stock market crashed three years ago, I decided I needed some time off. For the better part of this time I've been doing a variety of things that revolve around my family, but PhotoPost was an unexpected project which ended up taking most of my time the past couple of years.

> Can you give an overview of PhotoPost, PhotoPost Classifieds, and ReviewPost?

PhotoPost was written by Scott Wainner at All Enthusiast, Inc.. I purchased it because it was the first script designed to integrate with forums. Back then it was written in Perl and didn't work with UBB.Threads - thats how I got involved - I offered to convert the program to PHP and open up the number of boards it worked with. ReviewPost was an extension of PhotoPost which allowed for the posting of products and user submitted reviews and ratings of those products. Classifieds was something I wrote for my own site ViperAlley before enough people noticed it and asked for it to be an official product - this version I made extensive use of format templates which allow for different kinds of Classifieds to be posted (Help Wanted, etc.).

Many of the products and enhacements are a result of using the...
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