Interview: TeamXbox Forums Upgrading from version 2 to 3!


Jan 17, 2004
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Interview: TeamXbox Forums Upgrading from version 2 to 3!

This month we bring you an indepth testimonial from a big web site that proudly upgraded from version 2 to 3 of vBulletin. Tony has taken the time to write down his experience and share it with other vBulletin fans! Thank you Tony!

Author: Tony Ford

My name is Tony Ford, Software Engineer and DBA for TeamXbox[/font] (Parent Company – IGN/Gamespy). I’ve been working with TeamXbox for just over a year and have been developing with php and mysql for about 2 years. TeamXbox has been using vBulletin software for close to 3 years and I’ve had my own experiences with the software for over a year and a half.

Just over a week ago, along with the release of vBulletin 3.0.0 Gold, it was time for us to make the large leap into the world of vB 3. Working with a board with over 2.3 million posts is daunting enough, but to think about using browser based upgrade scripts was downright scary. Therefore, I’d like to share my upgrade experiences with other vBulletin users that may have the same doubts I had.

Technical Information:

Web Server: Dual P4 2+ Ghz, 1 Gig of RAM
- Linux RHAS 2.1
- Apache 1.3.29
- PHP 4.3.4

Database Server: Dual P4 2+ Ghz, 1 Gig of RAM
- Linux RHAS 2.1 [/font]
- Mysql 4.0.14 [/font]

Forums Info: vB 2.3.0 - 42,668 Members, 145,142 Threads, 2,332,489 Posts

First, I shut down the forums, removed all php files from the forums directory, uploaded the new vB 3 files, and htaccess’ed the directory. Then, I performed a text backup of my forum db, and I recommend EVERYONE do the same. In addition to that, I truncated my search index tables before I made this backup, because they consisted of 20 million something rows of data. This was a decision I made based on time, and does have one negative affect being that it left my vB2 db with no search index should I need to run that forum again (You’ve been warned should you decide to do the same). Once I finished my backup I dumped it as a new db on the server, of course with a different name. At this point I had two dbs that were identical, with two different names. I would use the newly created db to perform the upgrade. Leaving the other db there, just in case disaster should ensue and I would need to run vB2 again.

After changing...
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