Interview: SHS - phpBB Moderator Team Leader


Aug 22, 2004
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Interview: SHS - phpBB Moderator Team Leader

Interview: SHS' - phpBB Moderator Team Leader

1. Can you give us a brief biography?

Of the autobiographical kind (since no-one has yet written a biography about me, as yet!) here's a fairly quick run down. My name is obviously Jonathan Stanley and as of May 2005, am aged 26. I'm British by virtue of my father being British though was born and raised in the ex-British colonial outpost that is Hong Kong, where my family lived in up until late 1990. Coming back to the United Kingdom saw me continue with my secondary education and having the opportunity to develop my strong subjects which I then went on to study at A-Level, namely Art, Maths and Physics.

Barr a year or so back at college part time with one ex-employer, I've been in the job market for some 8 years now foregoing the more common University Degree route and I say I'm better for it as I've had the opportunity to work in jobs I wouldn't have had the chance to do if my graduation certificate was still wet off the printing press. To date, I've worked in Technical Customer Support, Finance and Auditing, deep sub-micron Electronic Engineering and more recently, Technical Authoring... lots of "parallel" and "perpendicular" jumps and all the better for it.

Currently though, I'm looking up to start up my own business... so what does the future hold? Who knows! Smile

2. What sparked your interest in phpBB?

Way back in early 2001, I had set up a now defunct website which needed a forum and toyed around with UBB to see if it was suitable and came very close to getting a licence. Though after consulting the Oracle a bit more, Google came up with the goods and pointed me to this free bulletin board product by the name of "phpBB". After hunting down a webhost that supported PHP and MySQL then doing some testing, said site launched on 13th April 2001 (yes it was a Friday!) running phpBB 1.2.1.

phpBB 2.0 was already in development then, being a complete rewrite from group up and a live demo running alpha code existed at Interested in all things cutting edge, I just had to register there too and follow progress, contributing feedback when the developers asked for it as they worked on the new features.

So by then I was pretty hook, line and sinkered for phpBB, though as with all stories, it doesn't just end there! One fateful day late October 2001 was the day when myself, Dominik "dhn" Dröscher and Aaron "Kanuck" Adams were invited my James "theFinn"...
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