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Jan 17, 2004
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Interview: Scott MacVicar from

Interview with Scott MacVicar from

With great pleassure we present you an interview with Scott, one of the developers from Jelsoft, the company behind the leading bulletin board software vBulletin. Usually our questions for an interview are gathered cautiously by the staff but this time we wanted something different. We wanted to know what the community wants to ask Scott. And so we did. Here is a compilation of questions, answered by Scott who we thank for taking time apart to participate in this interview.

Author: Floris

Hey Scott,

Take a seat, have a drink and some food. How are you and nice to have you here.

Before we let you pick out some questions asked by our audience tonight, could you please introduce yourself? (by Floris & Staff)
My name is Scott MacVicar and I'm from Scotland. I'd like to start by clearing up a few things; no, I don't wear a kilt all the time and Nessie is not my best friend. I'm the youngest member of the development team currently approaching my 20th birthday and I'm just entering the 3rd year of my computer science degree.

When I'm not at the computer doing some form of work, I enjoy going to the cinema and doing other fun stuff with friends such as playing pool, driving about or going out drinking in Glasgow.

Here we go:

What was the first community you joined online if any and why? (by DarknessDivine)
The first community I joined was based on translating the Pokémon Silver / Gold ROM from Japanese to English back in 1999. The project was being run by Phil Reuben. It was running a UBB if I remember correctly.

And what are your favorite web sites? (by MrNase)
I try to keep an eye on the projects that will directly affect any Jelsoft products including the PHP Development Newsgroup, MySQL Dev site and various Mozilla Blogs.

My current list of sites that I load from my local portal is

Slashdot (
The Register (
Sky News (
Adot's notblog (

I also visit various websites to get my daily injection of humor including the compulsory visit to and a read of...
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Apr 12, 2004
Floris, I love these interviews. Any chance you can get interviews from other forum developers? Matt Wright, who created wwwboard would be an interesting interviewee as I believe he was one of the first forum pioneers.


Feb 18, 2004
wow Matt Wright I haven't heard that name in years. He was the script god.


Mar 21, 2009
Wonderful info guys....The list of apps looks great.....and i thank u..