Interview: Jerry Hutchings (vBulletin)


Jan 17, 2004
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Interview: Jerry Hutchings (vBulletin)

Just over a year ago the vBulletin community got surprised with the announcement of a new asset to the development team, Jelsoft hired Jerry! Nobody had an idea what his job function was going to be, but after the release of version 3 of vBulletin it became obvious. Jerry is the developer behind the vBulletin Import / Export System that helps web sites in distress to convert from their third party forum software to the next generation forum software vBulletin. Just when Jerry was planning a night of sleep after months and months of hard work, we kept him awake with our questions. Because community fans want to know all the details! Here they are :)

Interview with Jerry Hutchings from
Hi there Jerry! First off, thank you very much for your time, please give us a short bio and explain your position in the vBulletin Development Team if you can.

Well I'm one of the development team, I've been with Jelsoft about a year and a half, though I've only been working for them full-time for 7 months or so.

I joined originally to help out with the importers and to contribute to the project as another experienced developer.

How did you get involved with internet development, and when? Was your interest always with PHP/MySQL?

My first introduction to 'internet' development was probably just around pre-college where I used to go to The flying teapot bbs around 1989 or thereabouts.

I can remember thinking "I wonder how they do that then......." and the rest was history as they say. I progressed via the Atari ST route to PC's, as my brother had an Amiga so I didn't need to get one of those.

My first experience with web development in a form similar to that which I do with Jelsoft was in 97 with Lockheed Martin. I also worked with a company called Tree house writing an online game; Suzerain, which was launched at GenCon UK.

Initially I used C and shell. PHP & MySQL came later as the language over took everything else out there when it was re-written by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski in 97.

How do you work? Sketch out, your system, tools, resources if you can.

Mainly filled with green tea.

My development environment currently is a XP desktop with 2 *nix servers (Suse and Gentoo) and my laptop. Xmanager 2 takes care of all the exported X apps nicely to the desktop.

I usually change editor every now and then to see...
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