Interview: BartVB (phpBB Developer)


Aug 22, 2004
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Interview: BartVB (phpBB Developer)

Here is My Interview With BartVB, one of the Development Team Members.

Can you give our members a brief biograpy?

I'm the 27 year old Bart van Bragt, I'm Dutch (but would have liked it better if I had been a Norwegian) and I'm currently studying at Technical University in Eindhoven ( to become an MSc in Human Technology Interaction. Have been doing Mechanical Engineering before that but I'm probably going to end up in the IT world. I'm one of the developers of phpBB altough I haven't been able to contribute that much in the last few months, but that situation should change in the very near future.

When did you become interested in programming/coding?
I started with copying (by hand) a Basic program that was printed on 14 pages in the end of our matrix printer manual. Have been playing with GWBasic and Qbasic after that, then some Pascal, C and nowadays mostly PHP and Java.

What were your goals in helping with the phpBB Project?

I needed a forum for a site of mine in 2000. Almost everyone was building his own forum at that time but I thought that that was a complete waste of time. 90% of those people never finished their forums and the other 10% never maintained their software after the initial install. I though it would be smarter to join an existing effort and that existing effort was phpBB 1.0 (which was quite a mess in retrospect). But this all worked out really well, 1.4 was a little bit better than 1.0 and at that time sufficient for my goals. But things really started to change when we redid everything in version 2.0, that was a huge improvement over the old 1.x versions. Things really became interesting when Paul Owens (psoTFX) joined the development team.

Were you successful in realizing those goals?
I certainly was. phpBB turned out to be a real winner project. Doing some quick comparisons on marketshare with Google give pretty amazing results. Searching for 'powered by phpbb' returns more than 4 million sites. 4 million! So I'm pretty happy where phpBB has been going and I'm even more content with where phpBB is going in the future with the 2.2 version. But yes, I realized all my goals. I helped a project that changed a significant part of the PHP world and at the same time I had a forum that I could use for my own sites. What more could I ask for?

What plans do you have phpBB in the future?
At the moment the development team is working hard on...
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