Importance of a forum’s / sites’s target market

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Jan 19, 2006
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Importance of a forum’s / sites’s target market

I regularly have my pit stop at TAZ for some quick read and fun replies. But I see many posts about teen targeted forums or just some other random wide margin targeted forums trying to get the whole of the net in one go. I have seen and followed some sites on TAZ which have grown out a lot because they targeted something new and they have successfully grown. In this small guide/ponders I will try to tip you on things that you might want to consider.

Everyday there is someone new out there who just wants to build a forum with millions of posts and sometimes they base their new forum on that exact same market audience that they saw on another forum. On their new forum they try to add “cool mods” (really not cool but childish and newbish) & also some of them try to use pre-made skins that are free.(Bad move, if you think that the skin you chose is really cool you can expect 1000’s of forum with the same skin choice). After they have done all that they start advertising their website. Some of them even try to fish some users off the site they based their new forum on, and after a while they see that no one registers anymore or some registers and don’t posts. This gets them frustrated so they go to TAZ and whine on what they have done wrong.

Now every time i see a post asking for help, I always asks who they are targeting the site at and most time it is “a forum for all teens to discuss about anything” or “everyone who likes technology”. Some of them just want to get everyone in one go, this is quite impossible and according to my business book, “A business that tries to make a product that is all things to all people will probably fail“, so trying to target a mass-market is quite impossible as you will fail. You just got to accept the fact that it is just impossible to do.

What to do?

You got to find a niche market, ( a small and identifiable market). You can’t say girls only forum as this is some big market. You just got to find something unmarked and fresh. Like for example people who likes to drink their wee (no seriously some people do) & they can discuss on how the best way of collecting the pee and how to drink it or what to drink it with.
Well the only thing to do is to know what you are good at, (to those who thinks they are good at everything, then why the hell do you need help? Ok let’s focus…) maybe something you enjoy doing like for example reading books, eating...

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