If you could change something about your forum software of choice...


I'm In My Prime
Jan 28, 2010
If you could change something about your forum software of choice that would it be?

Invision Community
1. more replies to feedback and ideas - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feedback-and-ideas/

2. mandatory support threads on invision community for plug-ins and addons

3. admin cp improvements to show direct link to plugins and addons and version/update status

4. site wide geoIP user location integration allowing notifications of new members in your area etc

5. intelligent alerts/notifications , if i visit the content clear the alert!

6. SEO tools and stats on dashboard including sitemap updated and submission status with url statistics

7. admin cp server load reports on dash board

8. permission hierarchy re-write to mimic vb3 where you can show/hide content from user groups without having to show multiple duplicates of same content with only one group allowed to see each

9. reply directly to content from notification emails

10. e-commerce should be default


an oddity
Apr 30, 2018
11. make the core free

12. bring back BBCode


My existing, well-matured phpBB board (converted from a WBB Lite many years ago - and, while I dislike the software, migrating again is not worth the effort tot me) has other quirks though:

1. Give us inline editing, finally.

2. Stop trying to make a "modern" theme.

2a. Still, the default theme sucks. Get some more inspiration from Invision and much less from Discourse though.

3. The patch updater of the 3.x series has never worked for me, despite desperate attempts at providing sufficient error descriptions.

4. Can we have a portal please?

5. Can we also have a working spam protection instead of "use Captcha!!1!"?