I remembered watching a sci-fi show as a young kid...


Aug 14, 2008
I only saw it once, I was actually watching it on the TV in my parent's bedroom TV. I believe it was early in the morning and I hadn't yet gone downstairs (all bedrooms were on the 2nd floor in the house) probably a weekend morning.

I didn't remember a lot of details, I knew it was one episode of a show where each episode had nothing to do with the others, like Twilight Zone. But it wasn't Twilight Zone. We're talking probably around 1984 or 1985.

For this "episode" (and I don't recall ever seeing any other episodes off whatever this show was) a scientist was talking about how Venus was the only planet that would be practical to terraform. Other planets were too cold, too big, too small, whatever. But Venus, if he could change its atmosphere we could live there. Anyway over the course of the episodes he figures out how to terraform it, and they begin to do so thinking it was lifeless.

At the end of the episode the planet has been terraformed enough astronauts can land there and walk around in space suits. As the chief scientist he was with the first crew to land on Venus. While walking around they find a valley full of dead worms. They missed it because they probably lived underground- it was clear they were all dead.

Meanwhile he's narrating what happened and he says "but finding life wasn't the worse part..." he walks over to what looks like the center of all these worms and manages to lift up a white semi-sphere. I swore in my memory he turns it over and it looked like a brain inside and in the narration voice he says "... they were intelligent!" and it basically ends on this scientist realizing he has destroyed an intelligent species.

Well, this is one episode for whatever reason I never forgot. I often found myself reflecting on this my entire adult life but I never thought to try and track down this TV show. Who knows how many thousands of hours over the years in front of Google and YouTube and other sites searching for the most random stuff but never before did I try to look up what I watched that day in the mid-eightiies.

Until 2 days ago. In the evening I finally decided to do a google search: venus terraform worms intelligent

And though the miracle of technology that is Google + Forums in two clicks I found not only mention of the the show but the show itself:

The series was called The Universe & I and the episode was titled Mind-Slaughter.

And while I thought that was somewhat interesting in and of itself, my bigger surprise didn't come until I viewed the video on YouTube propper. I saw it had 10 views at the time and I thought to myself "10 views in who knows how many years, about what I'd expect." But then I looked at the date the video was uploaded. It wasn't years ago, it wasn't even weeks ago. The video was uploaded the same day! Mere hours before I searched for it.

Of all the days I may have thought to look up this video, it was the day it was uploaded to YouTube that I decide to finally look it up.

That is spooky.

If anyone is still reading a this point I commend you.


Chaotically Proportional
Jan 6, 2004
I love it when things like that happen. Days when the universe conspires to help instead of hinder. Make the most of it, it never lasts long lol