How to run a successful forum: Making it more than a Forum!

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Dec 16, 2005
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How to run a successful forum: Making it more than a Forum!

How to run a successful forum: Making it more than a Forum!
By: Shawn Joseph Gossman ( Moderator)

Hello everyone and welcome to another article of my "How to run a successful forum" series. In this article I will discuss making your community more than just a plain Jane forum. Making it more than a forum would be by adding more to it such as interactive features, modifications/hacks, competitions and major additions. I hope you enjoy this article and I would love to hear feedback from everyone including more suggestions and ideas to make your community better!

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So I have an active forum... What next?

Now that you have been through all the steps of this article series, you should have a somewhat active forum community now. The next step would be making it more featured and interactive for members, especially those who are currently active members. You want to give them more to do so that they do not get bored with just a forum. Some forums however can just be a forum but I always preach that is rather boring and eventually I would probably move on because of nothing to do. So let us focus on how to make the community more featured and interactive for other members, staff and even you yourself.

Modifications and Hacks

Its always a good idea to add new modifications and hacks to your community. Look for your software mod/hack database and browse through them finding the right ones you need. Focus on ones that give members something else to do but doesn't take away from the posting process all together. You can also find mods and hacks that help improve being a staff members and add extra security to your community. On my weather forum, I have an arcade hack installed making it possible for members to play various flash powered arcade games right on my forum for free. To ensure that this feature isn't abused or used more than the forum, I have also installed a hack that gives members credits for posting new topics, replies, polls, being active and etc. Always look for mods to help keep posting ongoing as well as add a new feature or two to your community.

Stay away from too many mods and hacks! If you have too many, it can cause errors and be overwhelming when having to update all of them. Plus if you have to many features, it...

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