How to make your Board interesting for Users


Apr 26, 2007
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How to make your Board interesting for Users

How to make your Board interesting for Users

Interesting forums and threads
Create sub-forums and threads that will actually interest your users. Think of what kind of people should visit your forum, and think of what they would like to see. Try to pretend that you are your own board's normal visitor instead of admin. What would you like the admin to add? You can also check other forums for some inspiration, but I highly recommend you that you don't copy others' work.

Open suggestions forum
Let your users tell you what they want to see on your forums! Answer each suggestion, so they would actually know you read it. Ask your users to suggest anything to help improve board.

Be active
You and your staff must stay active. Try to reply each new thread, and also stay active in it. This won't be possible with a very big board, but I'm sure you can do it if you get your staff to help you with that.

Hire staff
You won't be able to handle forum alone when it grows up. Ask an active user you know very well if they want to be admin. Open threads when you need new moderators, and tell them what do you want they do clearly.

Get affiliates
You will advertise them, they will advertise you. You may get some extra traffic. Search forums on related topics, but not the same topic. Users aren't interested to be on hundreds of same-topic forums.

Have a newsletter
Let your users know about what's new on your site. Tell them about contests that are running. Keep them interested by promising new features (but remember, don't promise anything that you can't fulfill). If you host some articles on your site, inform them about your feautured articles.

Don't have annoying ads
We all know you want to earn money, but pop-ups are annoying and will make users go away when they visit the board for the first time. Use non-annoying ads. I recommend you not to use any flash banners, since these could be pretty annoying, too.

Share your revenue with users
They will like to earn anything with your board. Offer them domains or hosting for posting, or let them sign up to your very own affiliate program. There are a lot of possibilities, you just need to think of them!

Run contests
They can be for best poster, for the most popular thread or anything. The prizes don't have to be big-offer them special rank saying 'Best Poster 2007' or add them some points for your online shop....

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May 18, 2008
This thread really helps me. I have been hosting forums for about two years now and I have never seen such a useful thread.



Freezing your screens
Jan 23, 2006
Well I already can put a check mark on all of those!


Ask Me About Biology
Jul 25, 2008
Nice article, but how do you get make a "new" forum interesting for members? How do you get them to stick when they visit?