How to integrate vBulletin and Coppermine Photo Gallery


Jun 2, 2005
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How to integrate vBulletin and Coppermine Photo Gallery

After countless unsuccessful attempts to get vBulletin and Coppermine Photo Gallery to integrate I finally succeeded in getting these two programs to work together by Coppermine using vBulletin’s user info, thereby eliminating the need for forum users to create a separate account with Coppermine.

The following instructions were gathered from a couple of different sources. Mostly from the docs included in the Coppermine distribution archive and some missing info from the Coppermine support forum. When I first started trying to integrate these two scripts the information I found was helpful, but incomplete. I hope this step-by-step list will help everyone in their efforts to join vBulletin and Coppermine.

I use a program called TextPad to edit all php files. Don't use Notepad or Wordpad because they sometimes mess up the formatting of php code!

Use the latest version of Coppermine (At the time this list was written the latest version of Coppermine was 1.3.3)

#1. Unpack the archive preserving the directory structure (you can rename the Coppermine folder, but not the files or folders within). I have my Coppermine dir in the root along beside the forum dir. In other words, Coppermine in not a subdir of the forum dir.

#2. Upload all files onto your webserver
CHMOD 4 folders - 1."ALBUMS", 2."ALBUMS/USERPICS", 3.ALBUMS/EDIT", and 4."INCLUDE" to 777

#3. Run the install script on your server (http://your_server/coppermine_dir/install.php) and follow the instructions

#4. During the install proccess you create your Coppermine admin account. Make sure to use the same username and password as your forum admin account.

#5. Go to your forum "admin control panel / vBulletin options / HTTP Headers and output" and check that the value for "Cookie Domain" corresponds to your domain and that "Path to save cookies" is "/"
On my board I have path to save cookies / , and cookie domain blank.

#6. Edit your bridge file, ( the one enclosed in Coppermine 1.3.3 all of the following values can be found in your forum/includes/config.php

There are 7 edits to

//NOTE : Your vBulletin license number is provided at the top of every php file in your vBulletin installation!
--1--> define('VB_CUST_NO', 'L1234567'); // Your vBulletin license number (NOT your customer number)
--2--> define('VB_DB_NAME', 'database_name'); // The name of the database used by the board

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Apr 10, 2005
If anyone has tried this solution with vB 3.8.0, could you kindly share your experience, please? :)