How to get your forum listed on DMOZ

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Jul 20, 2011
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How to get your forum listed on DMOZ

Welcome to another one of my articles. This time I would like to talk about getting listed on DMOZ and why it is important. Many people have different opinions about getting listed and whether or not it is important but the truth is, it helps to get listed and wont hurt you to do it. So why not take advantage of what DMOZ has to offer a website. Please show your support for this article by replying with your feedback, suggestions, additional information and ideas.

What is DMOZ? Why is it a big deal?

DMOZ is one of the largest (if not the largest) link directories on the world wide web. It is edited by human volunteers and considered to be a premium directory to have a link on. There are no spam, most bad links are removed and many sites use it. DMOZ is simply one of the best free ways to get your website listed which in the long run will increase your chances of getting better backlinks which is wonderful for the SEO of your website. There are many websites that use DMOZ's directories as part of their links, such as Google Directory, AOL and HotBot and more. This means that any sites listed on DMOZ are on other top directories and engines giving you quite a few backlinks which will help increase your search engine ranking. The more backlinks you have, the better!

Submit your site to DMOZ!

One of the best ways to get listed on DMOZ is to simply submit your website. The waiting time for submission approval can last anywhere from a few days to quite a few months to even years pending on the volunteer editors and their workload. When you submit to DMOZ (, you will need to read all their submission guidelines otherwise you will not get in as they are very strict about their guidelines. This is a good thing though because it keeps their site accurate and premium due to the fact other big names use it. When submitting a link, make sure you are not already listed.

Here are some tips before you submit:

Submit to deep level categories. This is easier to get in and more editors are in deeper levels. Deep level submission would be submitting to something like /category/sub-cat/sub-cat/sub-cat/ rather than /category/sub-cat/.

Submit your domain not a subdomain or directory. If you use a free host and your site uses a subdomain, that is fine but your better off getting your own domain to be honest.

Use the site's title as the listing title. If you fill in the DMOZ title field with a name that is not the official...

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