How-To get an active forum!

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Jul 20, 2011
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How-To get an active forum!

AAF's How-To get an active forum!

Another Admin Forum (AAF) is not a big board by all means but it's a growing active forum within the forum administrator niche. So I decided to write an article on behalf of AAF as a how-to article on having your own active forum. I will give my secrets to you so that you can implement them on your community and help it become an active and growing forum. I like to share the wealth so I hope you enjoy this article. Thank you for reading it and please feel free to leave a comment or two. Please note that this is a premium article so sharing it outside this board is prohibited.

Don't mislead anyone

Don't focus on adjusting your forum completely to SEO standards. As many have said, if you go 100% SEO on your forum, it will become more spider-friendly but less user-friendly. If fewer users want to use your forum, then there will be no point of SEO tactics. The best SEO tactics to use on a forum is content building and back links. The content building part is easy but it will take some time and concentration. You need to make sure the forum continues to deliver fresh and unique content at a constant level. A forum's job will never stop; you will always have to keep pushing new content. Eventually members will start to assist in pushing new content but that is because they are following you, the leader, so you will continue to show an example so they continue to follow your lead. The back links are not as important as content but they help build your ranking in search engines. You should exchange links or purchase links on relevant forums and websites which means forums and websites that share your niche or topic.

When you start a forum, you instantly start a reputation and your reputation will always be on the line. You need to make sure that you put the truth down and never mislead your visitors and members. If you make one mistake that can harm your forum's reputation, it will not only make your forum always have a bad reputation but it will likely give you a bad forum running reputation as well and that my friends, is horrible in the forum business world. You need to ensure that the information you provide is not only worthy and resourceful but it needs to be truthful and fair. You should also never gossip about other people and especially competitors because that will make you look bad as well. If you need to address a mistake that someone else is spreading, that is fine but make sure it's in a very professional...

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