[How to] Create a LAN Party based community.


Oct 5, 2005
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[How to] Create a LAN Party based community.

You can by all means sign up to my site and ask how we've done it. I'd be more then happy to help. Just read through the site and learn who the members are and ask. Otherwise, read here and hope you learn something. This thread will be partially bragging, partial lesson overall notes on things which have worked and failed.

A LAN party community has a few attributes to it.
  • It's local
  • It's diverse
  • It's crazy

Before going into the different parts of your community, remember that you should seriously think about what kind of community you want to build. Get some rules out there. Leave the disclaimer that the rules can change at any time, but announce changes to the rules.

on to the mess...

It's Local
The members are all friends of friends of friends. They will all know each other and they'll all meet. This is a problem. They also date and fight in real life (funny how the two fit so nicely in the same sentence). This leaves personal lives in front of everyone. All people can see the personal issues which on most other discussion boards don't see. the biggest difference is that there is no BS with this. On a normal message board you get one side, the side of the member who is upset. With a local community you get both sides, then the side of the friends who were there. This creates for a very exposed environment. Here is where you as an admin need to possess the abilities to be a mediator. You need to put all three sides in their respective corners. Let them know they are all wrong and tell them to basically grow up. You'll read in a bit why they need to grow up.

It's diverse
When people of different lifestyles and backgrounds come into the same place you get a very intense mix. You get a great hardware guru, an awesome graphics guru, slap the word game in your site and you get the massive crew of gamers. You also get a few stragglers. These are people who are on the site don't really contribute to the MEANING of the site, but respect it, the members and the community enough to stick around. Many times these are people who can help with organizing and events. They also tend to spend a lot of time on the site and also make the best moderators. Lastly, with a gaming/LAN community you have what I call the age point spread. This is the most difficult thing to accommodate. My members range from the ripe age of 13 all the way through the age of 60. How do you make all members happy?...

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Jan 1, 2004
Really interesting ideas for a community that's unique. Thanks for the article.


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Sep 9, 2005
Nice article Richard. Good info, and describe the gaming niche well. :D