How to check if forum leaks information?


Captain Futurama
Aug 12, 2006
So you have 15 add ons, someone that is "in the know" says one is leaking information, but they cant tell you which one it is?

So they cant or wont? Either way this person sounds highly suspect.

In all honesty post up the list of mods you have on your site and which one you think is leaking the info then we can help.

Otherwise disable the mod that is leaking.

Or the person claiming they know which mod it is that is leaking is full of BS, which is probably the likely answer here....

On a side note, without looking at the code how would you check this anyway?


Aug 26, 2010
Something to think about; without more detail it's not possible to give any real advice but if it was my forum I'd be asking this informant why they are so sure your forum is hemorrhaging (presumably) private data.

If this really is the case how do they know it's not happening because of a compromised admin account or even a compromised server? If they are so sure it's coming from an add-on, surely them must know which one?