How to Build a Good Staff

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Feb 18, 2005
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How to Build a Good Staff

How to Build a Good Staff

There comes that fateful day for every forum webmaster to realize they can no longer handle running their forums alone. Be it 100 members or 1000, activity in your community becomes to frequent for any one person to handle. Thus comes the true test of your admin skills - choosing staff members that are good for your site! The biggest mistake any admin can make is picking the first people to ask, or the first few members at their forum. In the end, its worth the time of consideration compared to the troubles that come along with bad choices. Hopefully this article will give you handy tools in developing a strong staff for your community!

Keep in mind the goal of your forum.
Where you want to take your forum in the future makes a huge difference on what kind of people you need on staff. A company website might need more professional, business minded people compared to a site dedicated to a favorite TV show where a more relaxed staff would be appropriate. If it helps, write out a list of expectations you have for the site. You can always use this list to refer staff-hopefuls to so everyone will know what they are working towards!

Have a list of expectations handy.
Its always good to be prepared ahead of time. Writing a staff manual, expectations, or general list of rules is the perfect way to guide behavior or prepare staff members for future decisions they may have to make. Your expectations can be a simple code of conduct or a more detailed manual for all things related to the forum and community. This is also the opportunity to explain the jobs available on staff, and what you expect out of them. Explain whether or not staff is required to participate regularly on the forums, or perhaps contribute to articles or forum events. With a clear decisive list of what they need to do, staff members are much more likely to get the job done!

Be familiar with your members!
You must be able to trust your staff, be it to do their job or to use moderator controls. With this, you need to be aware of your members, their personalities, their likes, how active they are, and just their general behavior around the forums. When a forum is new, its tempting to kidnap the first few members or willing volunteers, but this can be risky. Unless you’ve known the new member prior to your forum’s opening, you have no idea whether or not they are qualified! Don’t be afraid of waiting until you know the members...

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Jul 4, 2009
Very nice, Diana.
As for the moderator application, that Is a big deal. It should have them thoroughly explain what they are going to be helping/doing as staff, and why they want to.


Jul 17, 2009
Since i was a new member i really impressed very much on seeing this article. Really superb..