How has Social media (FB, T, Insta etc. etc) affect web and forum traffic.

DO you think Social Media has been Positive or Negative for Old School forums?

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Jan 21, 2007
I checked ...didn't find any leads on this, but it's always interesting reading old emails... The 00's were simply THE decade for forums. I did come across some TAZ newsletters from 2008, though! :LOL:


Sep 14, 2019
i think that forums have died a bit over the last few years
I see some of them with very few members, and hardly any posts, so there is no incentive to go back or join.
Years ago if you wanted some info or help you could join a forum.
Now Youtube or Google wil give you the answers.
Also there are Blogs.
But I like forums as they are structured and organised.
I have just started one on general comments and politics in my country.
We have an election coming up this year, so I plan make a feature of polls on my forum and I plan to use Facebook as a way of getting my forums name out there.
There are quite a few similar forums in my country that don't have likes or dislikes, too much censorship and no pms etc and no polls.

It also costs quite a bit to setp up and run a forum so you need advertisng or donations or a keen passion for your subject