Home AI - Google Mini, Amazon, etc... feedback?


shiny happy pantless
Feb 20, 2006
I actually picked up a few of the google Home Mini's for me at home and for my family. Everyone's actually loved the tech and how it quickly got used regularly. I dont even know how I got by in fact without the magical ability to call out and have the gods activate a timer for me and now am smitten with the of having AI in every room here so that I can just speak, access and ask questions..kind of like Star Trek where they call out "Computer"...but this is happening now :D
Has anyone here picked up some of these devices? I've been really happy with the choice of Google for me, as I use a lot of their products for online working and always get a kick how google is able to discern tween different voices... for example if my cousin calls out and asks " Hey google who am I" ..it answers his name and if I do it i'll be answered accordingly. Loved actually going down to Ontario to visit this family for Christmas and being able to just call out to Google to call the nearest Pizza place near by and have them prepare food for pick up...