Help! In Vb "forumdisplay.php" no "$threadbits" being built?


Dec 23, 2019
Coders: Any suggestions/ideas on where to start to look?
Running 3.8.2 and no ErrorWarnings apparent.

<if condition="$show['threads']">
    <!-- show threads -->
    <tbody id="threadbits_forum_$foruminfo[forumid]">
    // shows this far in html "view source" then BLANK!
    <if condition="$show['stickies']">
    $threadbits // But NOT these! Everything around
           // shows/displays EXCEPT actual forum thread list!!
    <!-- end show threads -->
<else />
    <!-- show no threads message -->
Appears "permissions" is working properly and "index.php" list ok but . .
Afraid might have been "hacked" suggestions on what to check first?
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Dec 23, 2019
Have you checked your php error log ?

Paul I just looked in CPANEL error log and only thing I see is related only to unused domain pointing to public_html root:
Nothing on current ""

I've got php error reporting on and get some "Deprecated" and "Strict Standards" warnings which have been slowly fixing, running Vb 3.8.2 under php 5.4.45. but don't feel that's problem though nothing FATAL . . .

Am thinking of uploading and using vBulletin's "Tools.php" to "Update the forum and usergroup cache" and/or " Update the bitfields cache from the xml/bitfields_???.xml files" to reset any possible dbase corruption?

Any real harm/danger in me doing that? Will backup first . .

Have currently resorted to using "Assess Mask" override because usergroup permissions yield NOTHING. Can also view all post content this way but forumdisplay list of threads ($threadbit) shows nothing which leads me to believe perhaps both problems usergroup permissions related?

Thanks for your interest and reply,

Will keep at it!