Having trouble finding member "usable" plugins.


Dec 6, 2012
I'm building a site that will serve a local community purpose.
Some plugins I can find, but not confirm features I need.
Other plugins I can't find at all.

For both, I'm hoping for some help with search phrases/etc to navigate the vast ocean of WP plugins.

I think I'm good here. I'll be using a calendar that allows members to submit their own events.
I'd also like integrated photo galleries for events if possible.

Garage / Showcase
I need a Garage or Showcase type of plugin that members can add their vehicle to.
The plugin should allow photos.
I've found plenty of "car dealer" plugins, but that's not what I need. I need users to be able to submit/maintain their own personal vehicles.

Photo Gallery
It's pretty easy to find photo gallery plugins.
What I can't find is a plugin that allows members to create/upload/maintain their own galleries/albums.

Finally, a perfect solution would be to tie these in together.
For example - a Calendar event that shows who RSVP'd.
That same Calendar event could have a community Gallery where users can add photos of the event.
Lastly, each members "profile" (or similar) shows events they've been to / are going to, and the vehicles they have in the Garage / Showcase.

Perhaps I'm just not searching with the right terms to find what I need.
I appreciate any insight and guidance!