Happy Birthday!


Apr 27, 2010
On this day a long time ago, a child was born who would change the world.

His name was Issac Newton, born December 25, 1642. There isn't enough room here to list his accomplishments in science and mathematics. We are nearly all familiar with his Laws of Motion, his Scale of Colours that advanced optics, and of course with his Laws of Gravity, through which he was able to predict the tides, calculate the mass of the earth and sun, and far more.

Despite his accomplishments, Newton lived most of his life in abject poverty. It was only in his sixties that his fortunes changed, thanks to some wealthy benefactors. His greatest regret was a lingering dissatisfaction with his work on Universal Gravitation. Although his laws accurately modelled and predicted the effects of gravity on earth, he was never able to fully explain why it worked on a cosmic scale. It was a mystery that waited until another man, called Einstein, developed his Theory of General Relativity, many years later.

For the gifts he gave to mankind, Sir Issac Newton was buried in Westminster Abby, crowned by a monument illustrating his greatest achievements. It bears the following