[Halloween Fun] Around the Camp Fire

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Chaotically Proportional
Jan 6, 2004
For Halloween Week here at Admin Extra, I think we should share our favourite ghost stories! Don't forget to switch off the lights when you're reading them!

Here's one to start us off!

Lady of White Rock Lake

Legend holds that a specter known as "The Lady of the Lake" haunts White Rock Lake Park in Dallas Texas. Whether the story is an urban legend or has some basis in fact is uncertain. In one version a Senator Proxmyer is driving along West Lawther Drive late one night when he sees in his headlights the form of a young woman standing beside the road with her thumb extended, seeking to hitch a ride. He is startled to see her wearing a dripping wet formal gown. The Senator stops to offer her a ride and she accepts. The girl asks to be driven to an address in Lakewood and then stares straight ahead, saying nothing more. Although he is curious the Senator decides not to pry, since it seems she doesn't want to talk. When they arrive at the address, the Senator gets out of the car and goes around to the other side. When he opens the door for the girl, she isn't there! The dome light of the car reveals only a puddle of water on the seat and some water on the floorboard. Thinking that somehow the girl got out of the car without his noticing, the puzzled Senator goes up to the house to be sure she is all right. After ringing the doorbell, he waits patiently. Shortly, an elderly couple comes to the door. When the Senator explains what has happened and asks if the girl has gone into the house, the old woman turns away, crying. Her husband opens the door and comes out on to the porch to speak to the man.

The old gentleman tells the baffled Senator that many years earlier, his daughter and her date went to the prom at Woodrow Wilson High School. After the prom they decided to drive out to White Rock Lake to "watch the submarine races." Unfortunately, the girl's date had been drinking. As they were driving along West Lawther Drive, he lost control of the car and it plunged into the lake. Miraculously, the drunken young man escaped harm but his girlfriend drowned. The young woman to whom the Senator gave a ride that evening was in fact her ghost, trying to reach home. In conclusion, the old man says this isn't the first time this has happened. In fact, it happens every year on the anniversary of his daughter's death. The Senator goes back to his car and drives away, visibly shaken by his experience!