Guess the character; who is he/she?

Zero Numbers

Sep 20, 2013
This will be a thread about guessing a character from TV shows, movies, and cartoons. What their name is and what show or movie they are from. Here's how it will go. The first person who guesses correctly takes over from the previous person and takes their turn to present a character in mind and ask others who that is. You can ask for as many clues as you need until a user gets it. The person who puts out the character will confirm the correct answer. Now, if more than 2 weeks have gone by, anywhere from 3-4 weeks, and no one has been able to guess who the character that a user who present them is, then we move on and the user puts out a new character for others to guess.

Here we go

This girl is from a cartoon. Had a previous life where she was a high school girl and played video games. Her life was connected to one certain game. She died and she reincarnated to became a person who was in that game she played. In her next life, she was born into a family who could use magic and sorcery. She became the antagonist in the game. However, there are differences from her former life existing outside of the game, and when she became the character inside the game she played. In the original game, the girl in the game was an antagonist. The girl who died and soul transferred into the girl in that game is the protagonist instead. The events that unfolded (throughout the show) happened differently from the original game.

Things about her

- has blue eyes
- has brown hair
- likes sweets
- works in the field to farm

Who is she?


Jan 25, 2011
I think the anime is called My Next Life as a Villainess but i havent followed the serie so i do not know the character.