google pagerank


Feb 5, 2004
not sure which subforum this should go in...

alright, i know about google pagerank somewhat.

i have no google page rank.

what must be done to even get to a page rank of 1? i have looked through some articles where people give tips, etc....

bear in mind my website has only been up 6 weeks, but i figured that with number 1 placement on google searches for certain terms and over 500 members and plenty of traffic i might have SOME webrank...

any information on how to get that going would be great.


Jan 6, 2004
I think it has to do with incoming links. The more links to you, the better your rank. But who knows for sure, I think they make it up as they go along. Google is not the engine it used to be though, competition is fierce.

Wayne Luke

Jan 6, 2004
Your google page rank is determined by the sites that link to you and the way your page flows. Forum pages are actually page rank vacuums. They really have no way to retain page rank for you because of signature links, links to other sites and so forth.

I notice by your usegroup, that you are using vBulletin. One way to start your way up the pagerank ladder is to suck some of vBulletin's. Get your site listed on the links page to do this. Also put your site in your signature there. This will start you on your way. Other methods are to get listed in other search engines, get listed in DMOZ and Yahoo, though these won't help as much as they could. Finally, get your site linked to on various other websites. Either through reciprocal links or straight one way links (these are better). Text links are better than image based links like those little 88 X 31 buttons. Try to control how people link to you and what text they use and make sure they all link to the same page (preferably your index page).

Finally, get google to spider your pages as much as possible. There are three ways to get google to spider. The first is available to everyone and that is to submit your site to Google. The second is through Adwords, join the program and while it is a different spider, it triggers Googlebot to visit more often. The third is through their Froogle program and is only works if you have products for sale.

In order to show up in the results for most keyword searches, you need a Google Pagerank of 4 or higher. This is actually easy to get once you have people linking to you. However the ranking system is exponential and it is 100 times harder to get rank of 5 than a 4.


The dude
Feb 16, 2004
I have noticed that google only spiders you if you are linked with sites that are related to your content and if i link my site to another site the other admins considers it a spam.